Saturday, November 06, 2010

Couldn't help myself

Redmond Channel Partner is a thin magazine that extols the virtue of Microsoft Products and generally heaps praise on whatever they do. The last issue served up lots of affection for Microsoft's latest strategy to dominate the universe with their Cloud technology.

I think reports of their imminent success are a bit premature. But what do I know?

So I sent the author of the article a short note (using my Google Apps account,) to wit:

Hi Scott,

I read with interest your recent piece in RCP, "Bet on MS Cloudy Forecast." I got a kick out of the quote from the reporter: "What is it?" or words to that effect.

One of my customers recently asked: What is it? That is *not* a closing question.

The problem is that MS has hit a wall dictated by physics in a way. Customers' needs are well met by local apps, Internet for most is a flaky $20 DSL connection, they see the 'bleed' of a subscription service (I know, I sell one,) and open source is right on their tail. I say MS is a short sell opportunity.

What they can't control is the very real fear that viruses, malware and security risks impose. MS is at the root of all this, whether they are to blame or not. Bad PR is bad PR.

We've moved lots of customers to Google Apps. I love hosted Exchange @ $5/user per month. I think Windows servers are stupid complex and I'll be the first to admit my reluctance to sell them is that I'm not smart enough to work on them. My small business customers (less than 20 users, 5+ million,) are stupider than I am! They think I'm smart!

MS can't deny gravity. This cloud initiative is chasing Google. Apps are a commodity and search is all that matters.

Loved the article,

Kim Brand