Sunday, August 08, 2010

Confused at a higher level

25 years ago, a friend (Mike St. Pierre) sent me the following. Mike was one of my first customers for the Data Digger software I wrote for his and about 1000 other funeral homes.

I came across a copy of the original fax that has managed to remain on the pile of papers that haunt my efforts to get organized. By memorializing the original here I may finally be rid of the stress of possibly losing it. (Which would occur after a purge inspired by the hopelessness of never being able to dig out of the mess.)
I fully realize that I have not succeeded in answering all of your questions. Indeed, I feel I have not answered any of them completely. The answers I have found only serve to raise a whole new set of questions, which only lead to more problems, some of which we weren't even aware were problems.

To sum it all up: In some ways I feel we are as confused as ever, but I believe we are confused on a higher level, and about more important things.
Despite the humor in this, every time I read it, I nod my head in agreement with is existential truth.