Sunday, September 16, 2012

I'm running again!

I'm happy to announce my candidacy for Indiana House of Representatives.  However, there's a twist!

Indiana redrew the House districts last fall and changed the borders for what had previously been District 53.  I now live in District 88!  But that detail was apparently overlooked by everyone involved in the acceptance and review of my application to run.  Oops!

Curiously, I learned about the change from an astute reporter for the Greenfield Reporter: Maribeth Vaugh.

In an e-mail exchange with one of the Co-Directors of the Indiana Election Commission I learned that if I won my race - now against Republican House Speaker Brian Bosma - the House would need to vote on what to do with me.

I am running to give Indiana voters a choice.  My business experience, leadership experience in several civic organizations, engineering education at Purdue and Libertarian philosophy qualify me to ask for your vote.  In an election year marred by unprecedented political acrimony, a third party candidate will be more than a vote for 'None of the Above.'  Hoosiers are tired of politicians who cling to anachronistic party positions and eschew collaboration.

We live in a time of unprecedented complexity and change.  Politicians that exploit the electorate's fear and confusion and promise a return to yesterday's bromides aren't just out of touch - they are insulting our intelligence.  More importantly: they are wasting our time.

You may not agree with my positions - you may not believe a third party candidate can win.  But think for yourself this Fall.  Consider the title of one of my favorite author's books as it applies to your choice: 'What Got You Here Won't Get You There.'

Feel free to contact me with your questions.

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