Sunday, September 19, 2004

Various Billboards

As a member of All Saints Episcopal Church, I posted this message on the parish message board: People are Analog, Prejudice is Digital. I don't think many people who saw it inderstood it.

On my office door I've posted this message: People are Polynomials, Life is Non-Linear.

Of the two, I can't decide which I like better.

Saturday, September 18, 2004

Entrepreneur Diary #1

This week saw more positive chatter on FileEngine. I co-hosted the inaugural meeting of the Open Source Software For Business (OSS4B) Peer Group of TechPoint, gave an interview for Paul Overhauser's imminent selection as an Innovator for the IBJ, received a referral from the Exex Director of TechPoint to a principal of project hosted by IUPUI concerning open source application testing and quality, received an invitation from an IU development directory to take a VIP tour of the new IUPUI technology building.

The frequency and quality of chatter gives me hope that the intangibles surrounding the FE business will consolodate into connections and outcomes.

Next week will be just as important: We'll likely hire a technician, I'm meeting with an attorney who wants to merge with Computer Experts, Jeff (and possibly Clara) may join the FileEngine marketing team with Bob Badger's assistance and a meeting with Garth Dickey may turn out to be critically important to the FE Linux distribution.

Sunday, September 05, 2004


Those of you who know me are familar with my college conspiracy rant . . . so I wont repeat it here. But here is a new twist:

Misidentified causes of complex symptoms is the bane of science. To identify college as the 'cause' of success in later life is to misidentify the cause. My feeling is that a person who has the discipline and brains to get through college is probably headed for success anyway!

So, my advice: save the money, join several service groups to get the social networks, get a job + subsidize your own experience. You'll be better off.