Saturday, October 30, 2010

Sales 101

This week Jeff Bowe and I spoke at the Business Ownership Initiative. The SRO crowd (15) were all starting businesses or trying to develop the one they had. I love that crowd!

We ended up in Chicago this weekend to care for a daughter with a strained ankle. Ouch! So during the unexpected 'down time' I'm trying to do some 'sales development' by reading thoughtful sales articles. (You might find my collection of same here and here useful.

Anyway, the stuff I'm reading this morning is here...and from Sharon Drew Morgen. All good.

I spent some time this morning trying to understand the 'demotivators' that impact sales. Have you ever studied demotivators in a sales class? Looking at the sales encounters we've had over the years it's like a blinding flash of the obvious. The 'Features & Benefits' weren't enough to overcome the demotivators. I've been wasting all my time attacking one (price) and leaving all the rest unresolved.

So much to do ;(