Friday, July 11, 2008

Top 10 Reasons why Books are Better than TV

  1. Books are smaller and cheaper.
  2. Books let you skip around.
  3. There are millions and millions of people writing things compared to only a few thousand people video-taping things. (And people have been writing things for a lot longer.)
  4. Books wait for you.
  5. You can read just about anywhere you can see or hear.
  6. Books let you repeat what you didn’t get the first time.
  7. Books are ‘incomplete’ . . . you have to finish the story with your imagination.
  8. You can look up what’s in a book on the Internet.
  9. You can write one yourself.
  10. Smarter People Read

1 comment:

Anonymous said...

I agree - and a few more . . .

Readers are better spellers and have larger vocabularies.

Book characters and scenes can be as you "see" them.

You can read aloud and share with children over and over and over again!

A well-loved book can remind you of the owner. Fifty years later, the worn pages in my grandmother's prayerbook indicate her favorite prayers.

Art books, travel books, children's picture books, pop-up books - a video/television can't do them justice!

What is more exciting than shelf after shelf of books to explore in a library?