Friday, October 22, 2004

Political Debate

The Hancock County Farm Bureau held it's first annual Meet the Candidates night last night. I got the questions on Tuesday and studied like it was the SAT. Aside from one question, I planned to get a B+. (I have a regular job, right?)

The event was taped and broadcast on radio. The other candidates were all courteous, reasonably intelligent and genuine. The other Libertarian, a young man of 23, was very nervous, but he didn't throw up. It was over in an hour. I got to answer two questions: How I felt about all day kindergarten? and How should schools be funded? During the scripted part of the evening, the moderator asked the questions and the candidates were called in turn to respond. Boring.

But the exciting part was after the scripted program. An audience member vigously disagreed with my asertion that we are getting less for more from school investments. A woman explained that property taxes forced her to go bankrupt.

If I hadn't thought this politics stuff was serious before now, last night changed my mind. This is serious business.

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